Our Lens

We are two women of color on a mission to help organizations create teaching and learning experiences from a social justice framework that embody the characteristics of popular education, equity, and accessibility. We view the world through a lens of equity, inclusion, and social justice. We are Amara Haydée Pérez and Maléka Naahamma Ingram. We are co-owners of Intent & Purposes (I&P), LLC. Amara is the Director of Curriculum, Research, and Training. Maleka is the Director of Technology, Learning, and Administration.


Our Herstory

Our journey began over 20 years ago while Amara served as Executive Director of a non-profit social justice organization dedicated to developing the leadership and organizing skills of low-income girls of color in Portland, Oregon and Maléka worked as an instructional designer, and elearning developer for a corporation and a freelance web designer.


In addition to our paid jobs, we worked together as community organizers focused on serving LGBTQ people of color in Portland, Oregon. We used social activities to foster an environment of belonging in a city not always welcoming to people of color. When we could not find clubs that welcomed us, we started hosting monthly parties; when our community expressed an interest in playing on a softball team, we formed the only women of color team in the Rose City Gay Softball league; when the organization Brother to Brother (a non-profit focused on HIV prevention among men of color) asked us to partner with them to increase the presence of women at PRIDE, we led over 25 women through the streets of Portland for the PRIDE parade; when we wanted to document our stories, we filmed women talking about their gender identities and sexuality and took photos of the women featured (the film was made into a documentary and screened at the Portland Gay film festival), and when the world appeared upside down after 9/11, we formed a political discussion group and marched in protest against the US war in Afghanistan.


After working together for years, we decided to combine our interests, talents, and skills in curriculum development, training, web design/development, and instructional technology to form I&P, LLC.  I&P is a minority-and woman-owned learning, technology, and organizational development group dedicated to using teaching and learning as a means for social and institutional change.


We each bring a skill-set to contribute to the organization. Amara has over 25 years of experience in curriculum development and training while Maléka has 20 years of experience using technology to actualize an organization’s goals.

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