Maléka Naahmma Ingram

Maléka N. Ingram, DS, is a co-founder and Director of Technology, Learning, and Administration of Intent & Purposes (I&P), LLC. I&P is a woman of color-owned group dedicated to teaching, learning, and technology as a means for social and organizational change. 


I&P approaches projects as collaborative experiences in which you present us with your challenge(s), goals, and visions and we devise user-centered solutions. 

Our focus areas range from curriculum development, training, research, instructional design, and digital learning,  to website and graphic design.


Dr. Ingram describes herself as a visionary of learning, technology, and innovation. Her passion for computer technology equity and accessibility was inspired by her time spent in Atlanta public schools during her undergraduate work at Spelman College.


It was during this period Dr. Ingram realized the impact of race, class, and gender in regards to educational technology, teaching, and learning. After Spelman, Dr. Ingram pursued her Masters in Instructional Design and Technology at the Ohio State University (OSU). While at OSU, her research focused on the differences between educational technology among rural, urban, and suburban school-aged children. Upon completing her masters, Dr. Ingram joined Intel Corporation in their learning, performance, and organization development division. 


Watching her aging parents struggle with concepts like emails and cell phones, Dr. Ingram resigned from Intel after 10 years of service to pursue her doctorate at the University of Baltimore (UB). She wanted to conduct research that focused on older, working-class Black Americans and the socio-cultural factors that influence use and non-use of information and communication technologies. 


In addition to her research and career interests, Dr. Ingram is a grass-roots community organizer dedicated to the visibility and voices of LGBTQ people of color and other marginalized communities.

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