Amara Haydee Pérez

Amara H. Pérez, Ph.D., is a co-founder and Director of Curriculum, Research, and Training of Intent & Purposes (I&P), LLC. I&P is a women of color-owned group dedicated to teaching, learning, and technology as a means for social and organizational change.  


I&P approaches projects as collaborative experiences in which you present us with your challenge(s), goals, and visions and we devise user-centered solutions.

Our focus areas range from curriculum development, training, research, instructional design, and digital learning,  to website and graphic design.


Amara has over 25 years of experience in program and curriculum design, training and facilitation, participatory action research and assessment, and organizational development and institutional change informed by the philosophy and methodology of critical theories. She has worked with community groups, county health departments, philanthropic foundations, and institutions of higher education to apply Critical Race Theory as a systems analysis and approach to institutional change and advancing equity and inclusion.


Amara received her Ph.D. from the Educational Studies & Cultural Foundations program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, her M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy at Portland State University and B.A. in Sociology at Randolph Macon Woman’s College. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses with a focus on identity, equity, and social change. She has designed and facilitated training on community organizing, critical theories, curriculum as a means of social change, social justice pedagogies, and institutional change.


In her roles at Portland Community College as Multicultural Center Director, Diversity Council Coordinator, and Co-coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Center, Amara applied critical theories and social justice pedagogies to design and coordinate student retention and leadership programs, college-wide educational programming, and “equity-initiatives” to further college priorities on equity and inclusion.


Prior to that Amara served as Executive Director of a non-profit social justice organization dedicated to developing the leadership and organizing skills of low-income girls of color in Portland, Oregon. The program developed “critical” educational practices, learning strategies, and curricular approaches to engaging student leaders in analyzing community problems, determining meaningful solutions, taking collective action, and instituting local policy change.


Amara’s research interests include: curricular approaches to organizational and social change and applied critical race theory and critical spatial analysis as frameworks for equity and inclusion.

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